Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual: Oil Pump Installation

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To prevent dropping, apply grease to the pin.

Fit the slot [E] onto the projection [F].

Oil Pump Installation

Oil Pump Installation

Oil Pump Installation

Torque - Water Pump Cover Bolts: 9.8 N·m (1.0 kgf·m, 87 in·lb)

Insert the bolt (L = 25 mm, 1.0 in.) to the upper bolt hole.

Torque - Water Pipe Mounting Bolt: 9.8 N·m (1.0 kgf·m, 87 in·lb) Water Hose Clamp Screws: 3.0 N·m (0.31 kgf·m, 27 in·lb)

Oil Pump Removal
Remove: Coolant (Drain, see Coolant Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter) Engine Oil (Drain, see Engine Oil Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter) Sidestand Switch Lead Connect ...

Oil Pump Drive Gear Removal/Installation
Remove: Clutch (see Clutch Removal in the Clutch chapter) Oil Pump Drive Chain Guide Bolt [A] Oil Pump Drive Chain Guide [B] Oil Pump Drive Gear Bolt [C] Oil Pump Drive Gear [D] Oil Pum ...

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Camshaft Installation
NOTE The exhaust camshaft has a 1001 EX mark [A] and the intake camshaft has a 3154 IN mark [B]. Be careful not to mix up these shafts. Install the camshaft sprockets as shown in the figure. #4 Cam Positions [A] Intake Camshaft Sprocket [B] Exhaust Camshaft Sprocket [C] The int ...

Hub Bearing Removal
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