Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual: Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual / Self-Diagnosis System / Crankshaft Sensor (Service Code 21) / Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

If the reading is within the standard, remove the ECU and check the wiring for continuity between harness connectors.

Special Tool - Hand Tester: 57001-1394

Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

Disconnect the ECU and sensor connectors.

Wiring Continuity Inspection ECU Connector [A] ←→ Crankshaft Sensor Connector [B] BK lead (ECU terminal 8) [C] Y lead (ECU terminal 21) [D]

Crankshaft Sensor Circuit

Crankshaft Sensor Circuit

1. ECU

2. Crankshaft Sensor

Crankshaft Sensor Removal/Installation
Refer to the Crankshaft Sensor Removal/Installation in the Electrical System chapter. Crankshaft Sensor Resistance Inspection Refer to the Crankshaft Sensor Inspection in the Electrical ...

Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor Signal (Service Code 24)
Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor Signal Inspection The rear wheel rotation sensor sends the signal to the ECU through the KIBS hydraulic unit (KIBS equipped models). For other than KIBS equipped models, ...

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What Am I Responsible For?
You are responsible for maintaining your vehicle according to the maintenance schedule shown in this owner’s manual. You are responsible for notifying your dealer immediately if there is a problem, and you, as the owner, will need to authorize the dealer to inspect the unit. You will be re ...

General Precautions
Frequent and proper care of your Kawasaki motorcycle will enhance its appearance, optimize overall performance, and extend its useful life. Covering your motorcycle with a high quality, breathable motorcycle cover will help protect its finish from harmful UV rays, pollutants, and reduce the ...