Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual: Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual / Self-Diagnosis System / Crankshaft Sensor (Service Code 21) / Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

If the reading is within the standard, remove the ECU and check the wiring for continuity between harness connectors.

Special Tool - Hand Tester: 57001-1394

Crankshaft Sensor Peak Voltage Inspection

Disconnect the ECU and sensor connectors.

Wiring Continuity Inspection ECU Connector [A] ←→ Crankshaft Sensor Connector [B] BK lead (ECU terminal 8) [C] Y lead (ECU terminal 21) [D]

Crankshaft Sensor Circuit

Crankshaft Sensor Circuit

1. ECU

2. Crankshaft Sensor

Crankshaft Sensor Removal/Installation
Refer to the Crankshaft Sensor Removal/Installation in the Electrical System chapter. Crankshaft Sensor Resistance Inspection Refer to the Crankshaft Sensor Inspection in the Electrical ...

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