Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual: DFI System Wiring Diagram

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DFI System Wiring Diagram

Part Names

1. Air Intake Solenoid Valve (Other than US, CA and CAL Models)

2. Front Wheel Rotation Sensor

3. Engine Stop Switch

4. Starter Button

5. Air Switching Valve

6. Stick Coil #1, #2, #3, #4

7. Spark Plugs

8. Intake Air Temperature Sensor

9. Crankshaft Sensor

10. Secondary Fuel Injector #1

11. Secondary Fuel Injector #2

12. Secondary Fuel Injector #3

13. Secondary Fuel Injector #4

14. Primary Fuel Injector #1

15. Primary Fuel Injector #2

16. Primary Fuel Injector #3

17. Primary Fuel Injector #4

18. Idle Speed Control Valve Actuator

19. Subthrottle Valve Actuator

20. Main Throttle Sensor

21. Subthrottle Sensor

22. Water Temperature Sensor

23. Intake Air Pressure Sensor #2

24. Intake Air Pressure Sensor #1

25. Gear Position Switch

26. Oxygen Sensor (Equipped Models)

27. Joint Connector E

28. ECU

29. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor

30. Exhaust Butterfly Valve Actuator

31. Immobilizer (Equipped Models)/Kawasaki Diagnostic System Connector

32. Engine Ground

33. Battery

34. Starter Relay

35. Main Fuse 30 A

36. ECU Fuse 15 A

37. Frame Ground 2

38. Frame Ground 3

39. Frame Ground 1

40. Fuel Pump

41. Resister R

42. Resister F

43. Relay Box

44. Fuel Pump Relay

45. ECU Main Relay

46. Fuse Box 1

47. Ignition Fuse 15 A

48. Oil Pressure/Water Temperature/FI/Immobilizer Warning Indicator Light

49. Meter Unit

50. Joint Connector F

51. Vehicle-down Sensor

52. Immobilizer Antenna (Equipped Models)

53. Immobilizer Amplifier (Equipped Models)

54. Ignition Switch

55. Joint Connector A

56. Joint Connector C

57. Joint Connector D

DFI System
1. ECU 2. Battery 3. Vehicle-down Sensor 4. Exhaust Butterfly Valve Actuator 5. Vacuum Chamber (Other than US, CA and CAL Models) 6. Air Intake Valve Actuator (Other than US, CA and CAL Models) ...

DFI System Wiring Diagram (KIBS Equipped Models)
1. Air Intake Solenoid Valve (Other than US, CA and CAL Models) 2. Engine Stop Switch 3. Starter Button 4. Air Switching Valve 5. Stick Coil #1, #2, #3, #4 6. Spark Plugs 7. Intake Air Tempe ...

Other materials:

Spark Plug Condition Inspection
Remove the spark plugs (see Spark Plug Replacement in the Periodic Maintenance chapter). Visually inspect the spark plugs. If the spark plug center electrode [A] and/or side electrode [B] are corroded or damaged, or if the insulator [C] is cracked, replace the plug. If the spark plug is ...

Front Wheel Installation
NOTE The direction of the wheel rotation [A] is shown by an arrow [B] on the wheel spoke. Check the wheel rotation mark on the front wheel and install it. Apply high-temperature grease to the grease seal lips. Fit the collars [A] on the both sides of the hub. The collars are i ...

Stick Coil Installation
Apply a thin coat of grease [A] to the stick coils for easy installation. Insert the stick coils so that the coil heads align with the lines [B] on the cylinder head cover. NOTICE Do not tap the coil head while installing the coil. After installation, be sure the stick coils are ...