Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual: CAL and SEA-B1 Models

Kawasaki Ninja Service Manual / Appendix / Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing / CAL and SEA-B1 Models

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Green Hose (Purge)

2. Clamp (hold the white hose.)

3. Canister

4. White Hose (Vacuum)

5. Blue Hose (Breather)

6. Red Hose (Return)

7. Separator

8. Quick Rivet

9. Face the hook portion of the bracket to inside of the vehicle.

10. Clamp (Bend down the clamp, and hold the blue hose, the green hose, the main harness and the front wheel rotation sensor lead in turn from right side of the vehicle.)

11. Run the horn lead under the hoses.

12. Tape (Red Hose and Blue Hose)

13. Run the red hose and the blue hose between the brake pipe and the frame (KIBS equipped model).

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Run the red hose (return) to outside of the white hose (vacuum).

2. Blue Hose (Breather)

3. Main Harness

4. Clutch Cable

5. Air Bleeder Hose

6. Coolant Reserve Tank Overflow Hose

7. Green Hose (Purge)

8. Clamp (Hold the white hose.)

9. White Hose (Vacuum)

10. Run the main harness, blue the hose, the red hose, the green hose and the white hose in turn from outside of the vehicle. Run the all hoses between the frame and the heat insulation plate.

Run the main harness above all hoses.

11. Run the blue hose and the red hose to inside of the main harness and the clutch cable.

12. Run the green hose above the engine sub harness and run it under the intake air pressure sensor #1 lead.

13. Run the white hose under the main harness.

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Throttle Body Assy

2. White Hose (Vacuum)

3. Green Hose (Purge)

4. Green Tape

5. Clamp (Face the knob forward as shown in the figure.)

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Clamps (Face the knob of the clamp as shown in the figure.)

2. Clamp Screws (Face the screw head as shown in the figure.)

3. Radiator

4. Coolant Reserve Tank

5. Thermostat

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Clamp Screws (Face the screw head as shown in the figure.)

2. Align the white marks with the projections of the fitting.

3. Clamp (Hold the alternator lead.)

4. Run the gear position switch lead between the breather hose and the heat insulation rubber plate.

5. Clamp (Hold the water hoses.)

6. Align the white marks with the projections of the water pipe.

7. 0° 40°

8. Outside of Engine

9. Turn the yellow mark to outside of the engine.

10. O-ring

11. Align the yellow mark with the projection of the water pump cover.

12. Clamp (Hold the gear position switch lead.)

13. Extension of Oil Pan Surface

14. Install the clamp so that the screw head is placed inside an extension of the oil pan surface, nearer to the engine.

CAL and SEA-B1 Models

1. Crankcase Breather Hose

2. Clamp (Face the knob of the clamp backward. Do not touch it to the bolt.)

3. Face the yellow mark backward.

4. Clamp Screw (Face the screw head as shown in the figure.)

5. Align the white mark with the line of the thermostat cap.

6. Clamp (Face the knob of the clamp to the top.)

7. Air Bleeder Hose

KIBS Equipped Models
1. Clutch Cable 2. Vacuum Hose (Equipped Models) 3. Left Switch Housing Lead 4. Main Harness 5. Front Brake Hose 6. Throttle Cables 7. Right Switch Housing Lead 8. Bracket (Hold the brake p ...

Engine No.  ZXT00JE003022
1. Heat Insulation Rubber Plate 2. For Air Switching Valve Hoses (Place the air switching valve above the rubber plate.) 3. For Air Suction Valve Cover 4. For Throttle Body Assy Holder #2 and ...

Other materials:

Radiator Inspection
Remove the radiator (see Radiator and Radiator Fan Removal). Check the radiator core. If there are obstructions to air flow, remove them. If the corrugated fins [A] are deformed, carefully straighten them. If the air passages of the radiator core are blocked more than 20% by unremovable ...

License Plate Light Bulb Replacement
Remove: Screws [A] License Plate Light Cover [B] Pull the bulb [A] out of the socket [B]. NOTICE Do not turn the bulb. Pull the bulb out to prevent damage to the bulb. Do not use bulb rated for greater wattage than the specified value. Replace the bulb with a new one. In ...

Check 2-1: Speedometer Inspection
Using the suitable stand, raise the rear wheel off the ground. Rotate the rear wheel by hand or start the engine. Check that the display changes speedometer. If the display function does not work, check the following parts. Rear Wheel Rotation Sensor (see Wheel Rotation Sensor Inspe ...